Early Termination of Tenancy



There are cases where you will have to terminate your agreement earlier than expected. Whether due to work relocation or personal reasons, we understand that it can't be helped.

As a tenant on SPEEDHOME, you must fulfil these conditions when early termination occurs. Here's a checklist for easy reference.



You must:

1. Give your landlord 2 months' notice before termination date.
2. Should you need to leave immediately, you must pay 2 month's rental as a penalty.
3. Arrange handover of keys upon moving out.

The Last Month's rental you paid when moving in will not be refunded.


What If My Landlord Wants To Terminate The Tenancy?

SPEEDHOME's tenancy agreement lasts for a full year. You must inform SPEEDHOME immediately at 0187777650. Landlord will be liable for any cost if they violate the terms of agreement.


What if everything goes well & my landlord is wonderful? Click here to know how a full tenancy should end.

Need more info? Give us a call at 0187777650. You can also email us at hello@speedhome.com and we’ll get back to you about how we can arrange the best rental experience right here at SPEEDHOME.

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