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Background Check Documents

Apr 15, 2019 1:25:29 PM / by admin posted in Tenant Background Check


If you are a  Malaysian citizen , we will check the following:

1. Employment Offer Letter (if you are working) or University Offer Letter (if you are a student)

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Tenant Eviction: What Is Crucial to Know?

Jun 11, 2018 11:44:51 AM / by admin posted in landlord, Landlord Lifestyle, landlord protection, Tenancy Agreement, Tenant Background Check


It is something all of us possibly want to prevent and not be a part of but in reality, tenant eviction does happen and it can get messy at times. The process is not as simple as just texting your tenant to chase them away. It is crucial to ask yourself, “How long does it take to get a tenant evicted?” because it is surely not a stroll in a park.

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Factors That Affect CCRIS and CTOS scores

Mar 30, 2018 2:18:10 PM / by admin posted in Credit Check, CTOS & CCRIS Check, Landlord Education and Problem, landlord & Renter, Renter Education and Problem, Tenant Background Check, tips, blog


Before we start, here’s what you need to know about Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS) that is controlled and run by Bank Negara and Credit Tip-Off Sdn Bhd (CTOS) that is done by private companies. The infographic below tells you the difference between CTOS and CCRIS:

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Every Landlords problem ever

Mar 23, 2018 10:21:25 AM / by admin posted in Landlord Lifestyle, Tenancy Agreement, Tenant Background Check, Tenant/Landlord


Being a landlord has its pros and cons and sometimes you need some help with some of the problems you encounter. Thus the main topic of this blog will focus on the cons that landlords are facing. You'll also get some insights on how to overcome them, so no worries! The cons that are always talked about and almost every landlord would face are high tenant turnover rates, late payments, and organization. If any of these sound familiar to you then keep on reading. You might find some tips on how to get around them.

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5 Key Things Landlords Look For In Tenants. Number #5 Is Jackpot!

Feb 9, 2018 4:45:00 PM / by admin posted in good tenant, landlord, Landlord Education and Problem, Renter Education and Problem, renting a house, Tenant, Tenant Background Check, tenant screening, Tenants Duties


There are good tenants & bad tenants everywhere. And of course, you would want to be classified as a good or awesome tenant. That's how you can get to your landlord's heart and maybe even make a friend while renting a home. So before renting a house, make sure you know the do's and don't and put yourself in the landlords shoes.

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Attracting The Right Tenants To Your Property

Feb 9, 2018 12:57:40 PM / by admin posted in landlord, Landlord Education and Problem, Lifestyle in rentals, renting a house, Tenant Background Check, blog


A common problem any landlord will face, is finding a good tenant. Good tenants will vary and majority of the time, landlords will have different criterias for tenants. Some are looking for student others maybe working professionals. Regardless, it is good to know what can help in finding the right tenant for you.

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Rental Frights: The Things That Landlords Go Through

Feb 7, 2018 6:14:45 PM / by admin posted in landlord, renting a house, Tenant Background Check


What are the scary things about renting a house? Let’s get to the bottom of all the rental horror stories that we always hear about in the media.

You could be a landlord looking to rent out a unit. It’s probably an old apartment and your grandmother used to live there. Since you have no means to move into it and you’d still like to keep the unit because all the memories are sentimental to you, you refurbished the place, added new furniture and painted the walls. The apartment is now a minimalist living space for young and outgoing people to call home.

Then you put up advertisements, posters and even list it out on rental platforms saying the unit is available for rent. You even took the time to get a proper camera to take decent pictures of your place so that it looks nice on an ad. You’re well on your way start your career in the real estate industry as a landlord!


You hear stories from relatives and friends about the pains of being a landlord. 

What if your unit doesn’t get rented out? You’d have to pay unnecessary bills like the utility and maintenance of the place. Plus, you’ve already put a huge investment in redecorating, it’s gonna take a while for you to earn back that amount of money if you don’t get it rented out soon.

If your own advertisements don’t attract any inquiries, landlords always turn to agents. Oh man, another add-on expense! If you’re lucky, you’ll get an agent who’s really passionate about getting your house rented out. And if you’re really lucky, you’d get a tenant who is not fickle minded and is desperate enough to move in (some tenants do have the time and luxury).

However, if the tide turns, you miiiight end up with these type of tenants:

The Negotiator

Tenants who would die to negotiate your rental price and demand for more than what is needed for basic furniture.


The First Timer

These type of tenants just recently move out of their parents' house. Mostly college kids or just starting up with their career. You can most likely expect that these tenants do not know how bills work.

The Delayer

The tenant who keeps “forgetting” to pay the bills. The most common and casual answer you’ll get when chasing for payment is “I promise I’ll pay lah”. So you wait and wait until you get sick of waiting then the moment you want to evict them, they’ll send you a text saying “I paid already. Thank you”. And you being the nice landlord, you forgive this person and give them another chance. Also because you got your money already.

The Disappearer

One word for these tenants - RUDE. They’ll just disappear without a trace like a phantom 

… with your TV probably…

And other valuable furniture…

Now, take a deep breath.

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Can I Claim Insurance For Damages?

Dec 28, 2017 12:01:53 PM / by admin posted in damaged house, landlord, Landlord Education and Problem, property damage lawyer, rental property damage from, renting a house, Tenant Background Check, what if tenant damages property


So you’ve put up your house on listing and in less than a week a tenant comes in and seals the deal. Your tenant moves in, you get your first payment, they get the house key, you get your rental money and everyone’s happy.

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Communicating With Tenants

Nov 9, 2017 6:23:43 PM / by admin posted in landlord, Landlord FAQ, landlord protection, Tenant Background Check


You will be notified of interested tenants as soon as they submit a request to your listing. We will send an SMS & an email.

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Landlords, how do you find yourself a good tenant?

Jan 13, 2017 3:52:32 PM / by admin posted in landlord, Landlord FAQ, landlord protection, Real Estate, Tenant Background Check, Uncategorized, background check


How do you make sure that the tenant you found is actually a “Good Tenant” who pays on time and doesn’t wreck your house? Read on, the most important tip is at the end.

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