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The Nasi Lemak Index: How many packets of nasi lemak to buy a house?

Apr 26, 2019 12:50:16 PM / by Michelle Lim posted in kuala lumpur, buy a house in kuala lumpur, average house price in malaysia, nasi lemak index


With the average cost of living increasing, it’s getting really hard to budget :( But have you wondered how much we spend on food like nasi lemak or nasi goreng? And wonder how many of those would it take to buy a house?

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Declare Your Income Tax Now & Get a Lower Penalty Rate!!!

Apr 2, 2019 1:52:02 PM / by Michelle Lim posted in HASIL, Voluntary Disclosure Programme, PKPS, IRBM, what is pkps, kuala lumpur, PKPS requirements, malaysia voluntary tax programme, taxes, tax reformation, voluntary tax programme, tax penalty rate, PKPS eligibility


Good news for those who haven't declared their income! You can enjoy a lower penalty rate if you declare your income during the Special Voluntary Disclosure Programme (PKPS).

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