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Landlord FAQ

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SPEEDHOME is an online home rental platform connecting landlords and tenants to rent direct. It is completely free to use for landlords and tenants to post and search. Through our partnership with Allianz General Insurance, landlords can get their homes protected up to RM26,000. Tenants get to rent with No Deposit.


Note: Insurance is only available for those who successfully transact through SPEEDHOME with rental ranging from RM800 to RM5000 for home and room with RM300-RM1500.


Note 2: There are only insurance charges for landlords. No other charges for using SPEEDHOME's services.



How do I post a property/room?

You can do it through the website or our app which you can download from Google Play or iTunes.

  • Website: Click on the top left button that says ‘Post Property FREE’ and follow the instructions on the page.
  • Google Play app: Click on the top left on the three horizontal lines. On the pop up bar, click on “My Listings” and then click on the + button in yellow on the bottom right to post your property.
  • iOS app: Click on the "My listing" button at the bottom and then click on create my listing to list your property.

Note: SPEEDHOME is completely free-to-use for searching and posting listings.


Note 2 (landlords): No other charges except for Insurance charges.


How do I edit my listing? / Where can I edit my listing?

Login and click your name. After that, select "My Listings". Click on the listing and select Edit.


How does SPEEDHOME protect me? / How am I secured?

SPEEDHOME protects you in several ways.

Note: There are no other charges for landlords besides insurance charges.


How do I communicate with tenants? The tenant will send you a chat request. We will inform you via SMS and notification on the app. You'll have to click on the link or use the app to chat with the tenant. We advise you to download our app on Google Play or iTunes to get updates and instant chat notifications.


What do I do at a viewing appointment?

Meet the tenant and ask any relevant questions to clear all your doubts and negotiate the rental to avoid conflicts and miscommunication. Some questions you can ask are:

  • How long are you staying?
  • When do you want to move in?
  • Are you working or studying here?


I have a deal. What do I do now? / How do I close a deal? / What do I do after a viewing appointment?

First, go to Speedsign.

  • Website: Go to Speedsign and create a tenancy agreement.
  • Android App: Click on the top left horizontal lines. Then, click on Speedsign to proceed.
  • iOS App: Click on the “More” button at the bottom. Then, click on Speedsign to proceed.

Fill in all the details and send it to the tenant to sign. The tenant will then fill in the information, sign and send it back to you to sign. The tenant will then receive an email about the payment. After the tenant signs, pays and passes the background check, the deal is complete.


For assistance, feel free to contact our Customer Support team via the app or send an email to


How do I remove my listing? You can remove your listing by going to your listing's page and choosing the "Delete" button. Pretty simple!


How do I benefit from SPEEDHOME? Here’s how you benefit from SPEEDHOME.


  1. Free to Use: Post listings free of charge.
  2. Rental Protection up to RM26,000: Get secured up to RM26,000 for your home with Allianz after successfully leasing with our platform.
  3. Free Rental Collection - We’ll help you collect the rent and remind your tenants 3 days before the rental deadline. Do take note that rental collection will take 3 days. Our operations team will provide you frequent updates on the status of the rental, even in case of delay in payment by the tenant. You do not have to chase after the tenant.
  4. Eviction Process Assistance: If a tenant defaults or is about to default, our Operations team will guide you with the eviction process
  5. Layered Tenant Screening: To avoid/minimize defaults, we at SPEEDHOME screen your tenant with a strict background check on the tenant before renting the property to any tenant.
  6. Letter of Demand: We provide you up to 2 letters of demand in case your tenant delays in paying the rent.


Insurance and Claims


How does Allianz protect me? / How do I deal with damages or loss of goods & furniture?

For Home insurance, you can get secured with Allianz up to RM26,000 when you transact using SPEEDHOME with rental from RM800 to RM5,000. The insurance covers:

  • Loss of rental up to 2 months: if your tenant running away or defaults
  • Inconvenience benefits or minor property damage: up to RM1,000.
  • Accidental damage or theft in the property: up to RM15,000
  • Demand letter: up to 2 demand letters
Note: There are no other charges for landlords except for insurance charges.


When will I get the copy for Allianz Insurance policy? You will receive a soft copy of the insurance policy within 30 working days after the start date of the tenancy through email.


Who will pay for the Allianz Insurance? You can get the insurance using your last month’s rental after successfully renting out your property.


What it costs:

Last month’s rent + 6%SST + RM10 stamping fee for insurance


Note: The 6%SST and RM10 will be deducted from your 1st month's rent. Insurance coverage will only be provided for landlords who have completed transactions with SPEEDHOME (rental ranging from RM800 - RM5000 for home and RM300-RM1500 for room).


Note 2: There are no other charges except for Insurance charges.


How much time does the claim take?

The time taken for you to get your claim amount is as follows:



Loss of rental up to 2 months

3-7 days

Inconvenience benefits / utilities & cleaning charges up to RM 200

3-7 days

Accidental damage or theft of household content up to RM500

21-30 days


Loss of rental up to 2 months

3-7 days

Inconvenience benefits / utilities & minor repairs up to RM 1000

3-7 days

Accidental damage or theft of household content up to RM15,000

21-30 days



You have 2 weeks after the end date of tenancy agreement to claim any of the above. After 2 weeks. requests will not be entertained.


Any consequential loss or damage of any kind will not be insured. They are only covered should the losses/damages be caused by your tenant. See here for more info.


How does claiming work?

For claims, you need to file a police report and have the relevant supporting documents. The supporting documents are as listed below.

  • Inconvenience benefits: outstanding bills (e.g: TNB or Water Bills)
  • Cleaning charges (room only): receipt/invoice and pictures of dirty premise need to be provided.
  • Minor damages: invoices/receipts/quotation for fixes along with pictures from different angle of the damages.
  • Theft and damage to household content: invoices/receipts/quotation with pictures of damages/police report (theft).

Having a lot of pictures showing the damage is good as Allianz will analyse based on the picture given.

If the tenant runs away or moves out without giving any notice, you also need to make a police report and submit it to Contact us at +60187777650 for further assistance on claims.


Room Rental and utilities' cost


Can I add the utilities and internet charges in my room rental amount? / What if the tenant in the room doesn’t pay for utilities/internet?

Yes, you should add utility and internet charges to your rental amount. Utilities and internet charges should be included.


Is there a limit for utility/internet costs being included in the rental amount?

Yes, there is. You should estimate the cost properly. If the total amount is set too low, you will lose out on money. Be careful when you combine your utility bills and rental!


What should be included with my rental?

Your rental amount should include utilities, Internet and once a month cleaning costs. Note that if you set your rental amount too high, it will be difficult for your property to attract tenants. We highly advise you to check out the average value of the same properties in the surrounding area and calculate costs before setting the amount


What if the tenant keeps the common room dirty? Who will do the cleaning?

The tenant is responsible for their own room. If the tenant moves out and leaves the room dirty, you can claim cleaning charges from Allianz Insurance up to RM200.




Is SPEEDHOME’s service free?/How much does SPEEDHOME’s service costs?

All of our services (Posting a listing, rental collection, viewing management service, online tenancy agreement service) are FREE. There are only insurance charges which uses your last month’s rent. The insurance secures your home up to RM26,000.


How do I receive my rental income?

Your tenant will pay us the rent and we will transfer it to you within 3 working days. If you have On-Time Rental, you'll receive it either on the day of the rental deadline as per the latest tenancy agreement or earlier.


In the case of default payment, when will SPEEDHOME pay me? / What if my tenant refuses to pay rent / What if my tenant defaults?

Within 2 weeks after the tenant still hasn’t paid the rental on the agreed date (specified in the tenancy agreement) and left the premise, you must file a police report of this incident and inform us. We will process the claim procedure on your behalf.


You can contact us at


Will I be notified in case of non-payment / if rental hasn't been paid or transferred to me?

Yes. We will always keep you notified in case of any delay in the payment via SMS, WhatsApp and phone calls. You can also check the rental status using the app.

  • Android app: Click on the top left three horizontal bars. Then, click on “Rental Management” to check the rental status.
  • iOS app: Click on “More” at the bottom of the screen. Then, click on “Rental Management” to check the rental status.

Feel free to email our Finance team at for your rental problems or concerns.


Do I have to pay SST?

Yes, but only if you're getting the insurance.


Note: The RM26000 insurance is for home rental from RM800 to RM5000 while RM3700 insurance is for room rental from RM300-RN1500.


Tenancy Agreement


Where/How do I create a tenancy agreement?

Go to Speedsign to create the agreement.


How do I sign the tenancy agreement?

First, go to Speedsign to sign the tenancy agreement.


Go to the mobile app and click on Speedsign to sign the tenancy agreement.


Who pays for the tenancy agreement?

The tenancy agreement fee is paid by the tenant.


How long is a SPEEDHOME tenancy agreement/tenancy period?

A standard tenancy period is 6-12 months.


How does SPEEDHOME protect me? / How am I secured?

We screen your potential tenant’s credit history and also do a background check. After you successfully lease with us, you can get insurance with Allianz securing your home up to RM26,000 or RM3700 for room.


What if my tenant wants to terminate the tenancy agreement early? / terminates the tenancy agreement early?

If your tenant for any reason wants to terminate the tenancy agreement early, he/she must comply with the following terms:

  • Notify us (SPEEDHOME) and you (landlord) 2 months' before the termination date.
  • IF... he/she needs to leave immediately, he/she must pay two months rental as a penalty.
  • Arrange the handover of keys upon moving out.


Is a digital tenancy agreement legal in Malaysia?

Yes, a digitally signed tenancy agreement is legal. The duty stamped copy will be admissible in court under Section 7 of Electronic Commerce Act 2006 and Section 62(2) of Digital Signature Act 1997.


Section 7 of Electronic Commerce Act 2006 basically states that an electronic message can be used to express any related communication when it comes to a contract formation.


As for Section 62(2) of Digital Signature Act 1997, a document signed with a digital signature is as legally binding as a document signed with a handwritten signature, an affixed thumbprint or any other mark.



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