Renting tips, tricks and our latest updates

SPEEDHOME Raised 2.5 million through crowdfunding

Co-Living, Lebih Daripada Sekadar Menyewa

Tips Cari Cleaning Service Yang Tiptop

Living in Malaysia, is it truly Asia?

Bagaimana Urus Sisa Sifar (Zero Waste) di Rumah?

5 Things to Avoid If You're Trying to Buy a House Sometime Soon

5 Unique Ways to Save For a House

The 9-to-5er's Guide to Keeping Your House Clean

5 Ways to Buy a House with Bad Credit

Berhati-hati Dengan “Scammer” Sewa Rumah

OTR Terms of Use

Bagaimana Kira Kos Perjanjian Sewa & Duti Setem Ketika Menyewa?

Undang-Undang Sewa Rumah: Beban atau Berbaloi?

The Nasi Lemak Index: How many packets of nasi lemak to buy a house?

Tahu Tak Anda Boleh Guna Simpanan KWSP Untuk Beli Rumah!

Calculate your Rental Agreement Stamping Fee here


Allianz Insurance Coverage

Gaji Ciput, Barang Mahal. Macam Mana Nak Simpan Duit Tiap Bulan?

Terms of Use



"Kerajaan mungkin tetapkan kadar sewa rumah murah" - Utusan Online

What Kind of House Should You Buy?

Duti Setem Perjanjian Sewa di Malaysia

Isytihar Cukai Pendapatan Anda Sekarang & Nikmati Kadar Penalti Yang Lebih Rendah..!

Penting Ke Perjanjian Sewa Rumah?

Ketahui Langkah Mudah Penyediaan Surat Perjanjian Sewa Rumah

Background Check Documents

11 Backyard Renovations That Will Make You Want to Buy The House

PR Masterlist

"Speedrent sasar RM3 juta dana skim pendanaan awam" Petikan Utusan Online

Aish! I Got Rejected...Again!

Viral For the Wrong Reasons: Sexism again?!

Declare Your Income Tax Now & Get a Lower Penalty Rate!!!

Apa Itu Gelembung Hartanah?

Sewa Rumah Kepada Pelajar - Berbaloi atau Bencana?

7 Sebab Kenapa Tinggal di Rumah Sewa Lagi Best Daripada Hostel

You Should Spend THIS much on Rent

Landlord FAQ

Tenant FAQ

Perlu Ke Bayar Duit Deposit?

A Day to Day Guide to Preparing Your House for Sale

Apa Patut Buat Bila Tak Dapat Hostel dan Kena Sewa Rumah?

Your house is ready to be on the market - What to do now?

Calculate your monthly mortgage loan

Untung Orang Shah Alam! Ada Shopping Mall Terbesar Bakal Dibuka

Should You Buy a Smoker's House? And what to do if you already did?

Real Estate terms 101

Building your savings for a house

Getting your own house in your 20s

Let's Talk about Sexism

Will Malaysia Ever Get Over Racial Discrimination?

Furnishing a Condo in Kuala Lumpur: Step-by-Step Guide

Complete Guide: Buying Property As an Expat in Malaysia

Should you buy condo or stay in rental?

Why you should rent in Old Klang Road District?

Where to Rent in Kuala Lumpur: Bukit Jalil

Advantages of Living in Maxim Residence

Advantages of Living in Residensi Pandanmas

Advantages of Living in Ridzuan Condo

Advantages of Living in Cloudtree Residence

Advantages of Living in Avenue Crest

Advantages of Living in Anyaman Residence

Advantages of Living in Ara Damansara Maisson

Top 10 Villas in Kuala Lumpur

Should you raise rent?

Sample - How To Post

Which house type is best for you?

Kuala Lumpur's Best Condos of 2019

What price should you ask for your property?

Average Rent in Kuala Lumpur

How Payment Works in Speedrent for Landlords

The Roles of a Landlord

How do you screen tenants?

How much rent should I pay?

What do you have to pay for when renting a house?

How to Find Tenants?

Ready To Move In Apartments in Kuala Lumpur

Allianz Insurance

Speedrent Tenant Guidebook

Tenant Issues With Other Tenants

Top 5 Most Popular Condos in Kuala Lumpur

Tenant For Years

Tenant - Pay No Deposit

Tenant - Search

Tenant - Deal

Landlord - Deal

Landlord - List

Landlord - Secured

What Is Speedrent

The In's and Out' of Renting: As It Is

Landlord Responsibilities: The Fundamentals

All About Rental Yield and ROI

Why You Should Get Landlord Insurance?

6 House Care Tips For Landlords

3 Main Problems Almost Every Landlord Faces

7 Things Landlords Wish Tenants Knew

What You Can and Cannot Do As Tenants

When The Landlord Decides To Sell The Rental Property

7 Things Landlords Should Do To Keep Property Pest Free

Tenant Eviction: What Is Crucial to Know?

Top 5 Areas Best for Expats in and around Kuala Lumpur!

Types of Landlord You Might Meet!

Common Rental Violations and How to Deal With Them

What To Do If Tenant Sublets Property Without Notification?

The Ultimate Guide for Renting Out Your House & Becoming A Landlord!

Types of Tenants You are Likely to Meet!

5 Things to Consider Before Renting a Summer House

Renting VS Buying: The Untold Truth

Tenants! Know your rights!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of renting an apartment?

7 Rules on What to Look for When Renting an Apartment.

The Hidden Costs Of Buying A Home

Where to rent a house in Kuala Lumpur?

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Living Close to Work

Why Should You Rent A House Instead Of Buying?

4 Perkara Anda Perlu Tahu Tentang Perjanjian Rumah Sewa

Do Malaysian millennials want to buy a house?

Factors That Affect CCRIS and CTOS scores

Every Landlords problem ever

Why You Should Get Into Real Estate in Malaysia

Making it through the year without accidentally skipping any bills

4 Simple Changes You Can Make In Your House

5 Signs that you’ve found the perfect house

Places You Must Visit Before You Turn 30

4 Tips To Sell Yourself As An Ideal Renter

5 Key Things Landlords Look For In Tenants. Number #5 Is Jackpot!

Attracting The Right Tenants To Your Property

Rental Frights: The Things That Landlords Go Through

What Are Tenancy Agreements? (P/s: There Is A Virtual Agreement! )

Can I Claim Insurance For Damages?

RM26,000 / RM3700 Protection Vs. 2+1, Which One Is For Your Property?

Are there any risks in renting out my property?

Where can I access my completed tenancy agreement?

When will I receive my copies of tenancy agreement, stamp duty, & insurance policy?

Are You Using Protection?

Stamping Fee Calculation Formula

Checking Up On Your Tenant's Payment Status

Get Your Tenancy Agreement Signed Online HERE!

Get RM100 Cashback, Just Like That! Read How Inside

I Have Found My Suitable Tenant! What's Next?

I Have Found My Dream Home! What's Next?

Early Tenancy Termination By You

Ending Tenancy On A Great Note

Making A Viewing Appointment

Communicating With Landlords

How Much Does Speedrent’s Service Cost?

How Do I Pay My Monthly Rental?

How Do I Qualify For ‘No Deposit Rental’

No Deposit Needed To Rent With Speedrent!

6 Things Tenants And Landlords Need To Do At The End

Default Rental: Who Will Pay For The Crime?

Tips To Rent Out Quicker

Communicating With Tenants

Collecting Rental Is No Longer Your Monthly Chore

How Does Speedrent Provide Security For My Home?

How Much Does It Cost to Use Speedrent?

Early Tenancy Termination

Making A Viewing Appointment

[NEWS] 50% Tax Exemption for Rental Income

Hey, Your Real Estate Rental Buddy is in Town!

Rent Out Faster With 0 Tenant Deposit And RM25,000 Insurance Coverage!

What Insurance Can I Get for My Rental Property?

5 Ways to Avoid Rental Property Damage

Stolen TV? Broken Bed? Unpaid Bills??? No Worry La

Background Checking Made Easier with 360° Screening

Lost Your Tenant Halfway? FREE Service For You

Thick, Bulky Papers? Time to Go Paperless!

Query Taking Too Long? No More Waiting

Deposit Too High? Rent at Half the Starting Cost

Speedy & Easy Way to Listing Your Property

Apa Kelebihan Sewakan Rumah Sendiri?

Make Life Easier, Just Lease Here

Combating Economy Crisis As A Landlord

Upfront Deposit Isn't That Safe Anymore

Why Leasing It Yourself Gives More Benefit

Where to Find Speedrent Office?

Why Should Landlords Use Speedrent?

Landlords, how do you find yourself a good tenant?

Renters alert: Renting tips from a Landlord!

Important questions to ask when renting a new place

What Types of Houses Are There In Malaysia?

Best Cities to Run Homestays!

5 Feng Shui tips you can do today for good house feng shui

[Updated] A Checklist of Things to Consider before Moving

[Featured] Landlord app for DIY landlord the tech-savvy way

Speedrent - Ultimate Winner of DiGI WWWOW Awards 2015

20th Month - From Idea to Speedrent, then Speedsign ;)

Tech In Asia: People hate dealing with brokers. This home rental app cuts them out

Focus Malaysia: A streamlined rental experience

[HEADLINE] Whei Wong, a serial entrepreneur begins foray into the property market with a rental app. ??

We Feel You! Landlords!


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